Do you want...

A long-term pipeline of skilled employees who know your company?
Quality applicants committed to manufacturing?
Higher retention and recruitment stability?

Be part of something bigger.
Invest in your company and our region.

Be part of Early College Early Career.

Advantages to participating in ECEC include...

  • Higher employee retention and a long-term pipeline of workers
  • A young, skilled workforce already familiar with your company and its operations
  • A steady pipeline of people year after year
  • Investment in your local community and school systems

How does it work?

  1. As an employer, you will work with MAGNET to design a custom training program to suit the needs of your company and hire students for two-year internships.
  2. Students selected for the program will apprentice at least one day per week with your staff on the shop floor and learning how to function in a manufacturing environment - all while earning college credit.
  3. Based on their performance, you can offer the student(s) a job offer after they graduate from high school. This can include full- or part-time employment.

This is the first youth apprenticeship program of its kind in Northeast Ohio, and it's being piloted right here with companies like you!


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