Want your child to be prepared for college and have a rewarding job straight out of high school?

Don't worry about them choosing between a degree and a job.

Your child can have both with ECEC!


We provide:

  • Real-world training in a safe, clean, and modern environment
  • An opportunity for your child to pay their way through college
  • A position with a great local company that can lead to multiple job offers
  • Credentials and certifications that will help them gain a competitive edge in manufacturing

How does it work?

  1. If selected, a local company will hire them for a two-year internship (1-2 days per week) for paid on-site work.
  2. Your child will be trained on skills like CNC machining and welding while simultaneously developing "soft skills" like critical thinking, communication, and teamwork - all while earning college credit!
  3. Based on their performance, the company may offer your child a job after graduation. This can include full- or part-time employment that helps them earn money toward a college degree and helps them take the next step toward financial freedom.

How do i learn more about enrollment?

Visit our Contact Us page or call Michelle Rates at 216.432.5322.