Attract, retain, and encourage investment in local businesses.

Partner with high schools, community colleges, and companies.

Help manufacturers fill their short- and long-term workforce needs.

Build the next generation of manufacturers.

WITH YOUR SUPPORT, ECEC will pave the way for:

  • Long-term solutions to ongoing workforce demands in Northeast Ohio manufacturing
  • An increase in high school graduation rates
  • More investment in local businesses
  • Higher employee retention
  • Re-established connections between employers and their communities
  • Lower crime rates among at-risk youth in urban areas
  • And more...

How does it work?

  1. Local employers will hire students for paid, on-site work for 1-2 days per week over a two-year period.
  2. Plant managers and technicians will train students on various skills like CNC machining and welding. Cohorts will also have an opportunity to develop soft skills like critical thinking, teamwork, and a strong work ethic.
  3. Based on job performance, the company will then extend a job offer to the student after he/she graduates from high school. This can include full or part-time employment, which can help finance a degree of their choice.
  4. Over time, manufacturers in Northeast Ohio will develop their own workforce and create a sustainable pipeline that helps their companies grow and contribute to the regional manufacturing landscape.

See this page to find out what companies and schools are currently participating.


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